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Save BIG when you buy Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe Pack! It comes with 5 colors of Printer Food. Each roll makes 100-300 toys.

Product Details: 1 Toybox 3D Printer, 5 Printer Food Rolls (included colors depend on availability), Free 1000+ Toy Digital Catalog, Access to our Creator Space, Removable Bed

Basic Pack also available


Boost Creativity

Kids receive a possibility to create something on their own. There are plenty of examples of how teens invent and produce useful tools with the help of 3D printers. They see a problem and come up with a solution – efficient, original, and ground-breaking.

Promote Active Learning

Utilizing 3d printing the novelty of the technology intrigues students and encourages them to take a crack at it. Teachers emphasize that even reluctant learners are motivated to study more when they use unusual and innovative ways of teaching. And 3D printing is definitely on the list of such ways!

Develop Hands On Skills

Literally, any subject can utilize 3D printing for creating items dedicated to the theme. Such visualizations help to get a better understanding of events and motivate students to research more. With proper tools, support, and resources any kid can become a real inventor!

What Can You Print

With thousands of awesome toys available at your fingertips, and new toys added every week, you’ll never have a chance to get bored. There is an amazing selection of toys in the Toybox Catalog. You can print anything you can imagine - from trains to cookie cutters to even miniature figurines.


"I was very happy to see that many of the printed toys were exactly as they were designed on the app and the kids loved playing with the machine and the printed toys! It’s a super fun machine for the children."

-Hannah Mobsby

This machine is brilliant for all ages - truly brilliant! [...] Both my children who are 15 and 12 said it was suitable for any age as both recreational and educational aspects to it.

-Tara Ames


"It's essential a bottomless toybox that stretches as far as the imagination goes"

"Remarkable ease of use... it's awesome"

"I like it! That's cool!"

"The Only 3D Printer that children can use immediately and intuitive"




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How's Toybox different than other 3D printers?
Toybox is designed from the ground up for entertainment and ease-of-use. We enable kids to 3D print their own toys by providing an intuitive interface and a rich selection of high quality toys and content. By giving children the ability to create their own toys on the fly, we enable them to create richer adventures and stories with their toys.
Can I upload my own models?
Yes. Toybox allows you to import models from the internet or even your own creations. You can import models in STL, OBJ, and gCode formats.
What printing materials does it use?
Our Printer Food rolls are with PLA. We only sell PLA rolls because it's non-toxic and compostable.
Can I print from my desktop or laptop?
Yes. You can print directly from our website Just make sure you log in to the same account your printer is connected to, or connect the printer to the account that you log into from the website.
How many things can I print with one Printer Food roll?
This really depends on what you are printing. You can printer around 500 cat rings, or 8 full size action figures per roll. We recommend printing things in different colors to make it more fun.
How long does it take to print
Printing time is completely dependent on the geometry of the model being printed. For example, a small ninja star could take less than 5 minutes because it's thin. On the other hand, larger models take longer. A Block Buddy could take up to 4 hours because it has a lot of different moving parts.