What British Mums say? They reviewed...

Three British mums, Tara Armes, Hannah Mobsby and Tara Walsh recently reviewed Toybox 3D printer themselves. Here what they like most:

Tara Armes

This machine is brilliant for all ages – truly brilliant! It does require adult or teenage supervision regarding set up or troubleshooting as it’s very dependent on your WIFI.  But other than that, it’s really easy to use. 

Both my children who are 15 and 12 said that it was suitable for any age as has both recreational and educational aspects to it.

 British mum, toybox 3d printer for kids

Hannah Mobsby

I was very happy to see that many of the printed toys were exactly as they were designed on the app and the kids loved playing with the machine and the printed toys!

It’s a super fun machine for the children and it can print many little objects for daily play. The toys printed quickly, which kept the kids happy and we loved how bright and engaging the colours are.

 british mums, toybox 3d printer for kids

Tara Walsh

I loved that they wanted to share their discovery and the toys they made with others. I was interested that it made my 9-year-old think about inventions, the planet and design. It made my heart sing to watch my kids and their Dad working together in designing, making decisions on what to print and being involved with the process of creating.

It surprised me that my son was so keen to use it every day and how pleased he was with what he made. It sparked creativity in him and he asked why and how things were made.


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