Advantages of 3D printing for kids

Please check the recent article from Tickikids, highlighting the important role of 3D printing for kids education. As Toybox we are truly proud to be named as "the absolute leader of 3D printer market for kids". You can see some highlights of the article below.

boost creativity toyboxBoosting creativity

Say no to consuming mass-produced items! Kids receive a possibility to create something on their own. There are plenty of examples of how teens invent and produce useful tools with the help of 3D printers. They see a problem and come up with a solution – efficient, original, and ground-breaking. And with proper tools, support, and resources any kid can become a real inventor!

Developing Art skills

3D printing allows children to visualize their imaginative concepts. In addition, understanding of 2D to the 3D conversion will be helpful to students. And with the implementation of the Arts into STEM education, this way of improving Art skills becomes a real benefit for children of all ages.

Great motivator

We know about 3D printing for quite a while, still, it is a rare guest in the majority of schools. Thus, the novelty of the technology intrigues students and encourages them to take a crack at it. Teachers emphasize that even reluctant learners are motivated to study more when they use unusual and innovative ways of teaching. And 3D printing is definitely on the list of such ways!

The perfect source of hands-on knowledge

Literally, any subject can utilize 3D printing for creating items dedicated to the theme. Such visualizations help to get a better understanding of events and motivate students to research more.Teambuilding

Many group activities can utilize 3D printing, like friendly 3D printing competitions, a partnership of students of different ages, and collaborations. Thus, apart from tech skills, it helps to improve communication skills and knits children together.

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During the process of an item creation with the help of 3D printing, children learn to:

  • Identify a problem
  • Make a research
  • Plan a look of a future item
  • Visualize it with the help of 3D printing software
  • Try and test the print
  • Analyze and improve the result 

So, with a 3D printer kids get a mini factory that produces different tools and crafts. They become real creators, inventors and artists. They learn a lot and enjoy the process of learning!

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